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For me, whisky is all about the enjoyment: my goal is to remove anything that gets in the way of that enjoyment.

A key obstacle to enjoying whisky is the snobbery and pretense often associated with it. In 1999, along with two co-conspirators, I founded The Malt Impostor to help address that very problem (specifically by making fun of pretentious whisky tasting notes). Today, The Malt Impostor offers the most idiosyncratic and entertaining reviews out there, with nearly a thousand whiskies reviewed to date.

I bring that distinct approach to my other whisky writing, my tastings and masterclasses, and my consultancy work: the aim is to make whisky accessible and engaging, and to make customers excited to learn and experience more.

In recent years, I have explored some of the innovations in American single malt whisky and have developed an abiding love of single cask whisky of all sorts. The latter has led me into procurement of rare and hard-to-find bottles for private clients and into cask acquisition and bottling.

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